Divya Jyoti is a small vocational day-care center for the mentally challenged young adults, situated in the heart of Varanasi, the holy city of India.
Divya Jyoti is unique is this city; it works in a small group with more individual attention and regards the mentally challenged as normal people. It gives guidance, counseling and works together with the parents. It is an open center and visitors are welcome at any time.
The main aim of Divya Jyoti is to train the mentally challenged for economical and social independence. They are given training in the production of all kinds of handicrafts.

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Selling our products during a fair of a women organization

Most of the students had little special education or even not at all. So they are taught in self-care, reading/writing, speaking, simple mathematics, time/color/shapes/money concept and other necessary functional skills for their independent life.

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  To reach more mentally challenged the center also offers CBR (community based rehabilitation.) One specialized staff members gives training at the homes of the students and gives counseling to parents.  

The products are for sale, interested to buy them!? The best way to help the center. Because now the income does not cover the expenditure.

The parents contribute for their children's training but because most of them come from poor family, it covers the transport only.

The goal is to move one day to a bigger building, so we are able to train more students

So more support is necessary...Please help them.


DIVYA JYOTI, disabled development society
Society registration number: 407/1998/1999
B1/122 Dumraon Kothi, Dumraonbagh colony, Assi, Varanasi, 221005 U.P., India.
E-mail of J. Savarinathan, director/secretary:
Accountnumber: CA 1653 of Corporationbank, Varanasi branch 39/48, 39/49 1st floor, P.O no 1009 VARANASI, INDIA
Under the name of Diyva Jyoti, disabled development society


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